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Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Is Buying A Designer Handbag Or Purse Wasting Money?

By Lee MacRae

Designer handbags these days come in many extraordinary styles and designs making it easy for those who purchase them to express their individuality. You can easily find a designer back that suits you from contemporary designs to casual handbags or the more traditional designs. But there is the fact that these bags usually cost a lot more than a bag or purse from a five and dime shop. The obvious question is are they worth the money you have to pay?

If you can easily afford it then money is not a problem. But if you want to make sure you get value for your money you want to be sure that Fossil purse or handbag is going to last. The good news here is that most designer handbags use only the very best materials such as leather. Top grade leathers give products like handbags a fine appearance and a long lasting quality since it has an excellent abrasion and wind resistance to it. Fine leathers also have the additional quality of suppleness. If you handle a handbag and hear the leather make a cracking sound, forget about it!

Because designer purse are usually made from the finest materials. A leather bag by American West will use top grade leather that is supple, beautiful and long lasting. Yes, as they say, you will be paying for the name but you will also be getting a top quality Still not convinced?

Want a hint to know what you're getting? Top designer handbags will always have a fine lining material inside. The cheaper products will not have that. Makers of cheap products are always looking to lower the costs. Cheaper handbags have low-grade linings and low grade hardware on them. Avoid these like the plague. Top full grain leather's come from top grade hides and have no imperfections. Top grain leather's are extremely long wearing. It is extremely durable and eventually will develope a rich patina that increases in beauty. Full-grained handbags are usually created from the hides of young cattle and have extremely smooth texture, and very fine quality.

So, should you buy a purse or handbag made by Matt & Nat or Hogan? Yes indeed. You will be acquiring a quality product that will also make a fine fashion statement.

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